Dec 16, 2013

"I have heard them mermaids sing" - A Painting

They colored many a childhood dream of mine... I would like to believe they are real.
Can you imagine what a fun life it must be down under? Surfing, sea shells, corals, sun, sand, ocean breeze, racing with fish, whistling at fishermen. Here's a happy one riding the waves in good company.

Mermaid painting
I have heard them Mermaids sing - acrylic painting

Acrylic on a 10*12 inch canvas.
Illustrated and colored by yours truly, with immense childlike joy!

And  I haven't heard them sing yet ;-)

Oct 29, 2013

DIY Ideas - Wooden Clothespin Couple in Love

Bliss. Love this. 

Totally inspired by the kissing clothespin couples' DIY ideas by Jessie Jane of LilyShop and Brittany Watson Jepson of The House that Lars Built
I had pinned these a long time ago, 
And here is my version. An Indianised version.

Red saree-clad young Indian woman kissing her man :-) 

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this one. Quick, and brings a smile to my face each time I see it!

Materials used ... wooden clothespin, a strip of cloth resembling a saree, black and red acrylic paint. 

Linking on to That DIY Party and Craft-O-Maniac to share today's joy.

Sep 21, 2013

DIY Ideas - Decoupaged Coasters

I decided to go Handmade this wedding anniversary of ours.
And went berserk with the DIY ideas in my head, mod podge, coloured handmade Auroville paper, and three plain wooden coasters who simply got weary being called plain-Jane by daily morning cups of tea!

Better half S is a super-dad, loves football and is a great companion. So all I had to do was to make the three coasters tell these stories...

Howdya like these decoupaged coasters?
Linking to the weekly story at Colours Dekor

Aug 23, 2013

Long time.. Inspirations.. DIYs..

The last I posted was when I was seven months preggo!
So my excuse for not blogging for a year is a playful little boy all of eleven months now :-)
Great to be back here.

While in the past several months I have become a much more confident new mommie, my head has also been brimming with ideas and inspirations. I have been passively keeping track of a truckload of blogs - devouring interesting content from the ones I was regular at, and stumbling upon new mind blowing ones.

The most inspiring of all - artist entrepreneurs - have opened my eyes out to the endless possibilities of a creative career.
From a falling leaf to a ride in a crowded bus, their every day is a new revelation. To share my favorites in another post.

One inspiration leads to another, or so I learnt from Guru Pinterest ;-)

And then I have been upto a few DIYs, including the quick painting in my new header, noticed that? 
Also planning to show off my quick DIY project with mod podge and wooden coasters. That's up-next in this space.

To a great weekend ahead!

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