Dec 7, 2018

Artist inspiration for the weekend

Two artists who I keenly follow, and who are sure to inspire you as well...

The Unskilled Worker
Self taught British artist Helen Downie usually goes by the above moniker, and has a super popular instagram account which led to her being found by none other than the fashion house of Alexander McQueen, followed by Gucci.
Her work is intriguing, eerie and complex.Colorful and detailed. Soulful and poetic. 
Here's this particular video of her story:
And don't miss exploring the entire story here at The unskilled worker.

Evelyn Tannus
Obsessed over this Brazilian artist's ceramic tattoed hands! ❤❤❤

I also love this lamp which could hold fort on its own on a dinner wagon or a side table in your home library. And these tattoed ceramic Greyhounds!
Website, Instagram.

Nov 13, 2018

Stories of two creatives to inspire you this week

Two creators to inspire you this week:

Sheila Berger
New York based painter and sculptor. Love her hand cast project, especially, and am dying to see them all in one big sculpture as she envisions it on her website.
Don't miss a glimpse into all her work here.
And watch this video of her story and process on Portraits in Creativity

Fenny Suter
Her embroidery is vividly imaginative, will take you to other worlds, bringing back that peaceful easy feeling.

See more of Fenny's work on @suterdesignco and website link.

Like me, are you also attracted to work that celebrates man's insignificance before nature?

On another note,
are you planning to visit the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 and Kochi-Muziris Art Biennale 2018? 
I am lucky to be in Bangkok at this time, and also visiting Kochi by the end of this year, super looking forward to them both!

Nov 7, 2018

Hello, and our move to Bangkok

Bangkok has been easy to settle down in.
We were quite, quite rooted in Bangalore, in a nice big comfort bubble. 
A job change for my husband meant the three of us move to the City of Angels... lock, stock and barrel, and now settled in well here.

Home here is a nice spacious apartment in the heart of the bustling city.
Airy and bright, here are a few shots of mornings at home...

"A Freethinkers Prayer Book" by Khushwant Singh is a great, slow read

It is indeed a sunny yellow window!

Shadow dance by the Sun

Fresh orchids from the market, and a bunch of pink faux flowers from Ikea

Roaming around the city on my own is my best past time here so far (until I land a job or embark on some creative pursuit, that is). I'll be sure to share visuals and a record of my city walks with you
 over the coming months.

I have noticed that there's still an abundance of greenery in Bangkok, despite the growing number of skyscrapers and trees giving way to urban jungles.

I try to bring in my share of greens indoors as well. I think plants are the cheapest, and b.e.s.t decor accessory. What do you say?

Oct 30, 2017

Daily inspiration on Instagram

I would like to invite you to join my daily photo and inspiration feed on Instagram. Follow along for daily inspiration and ideas on art, decor and travel.
Would love to know what you're sharing on that platform as well!

Meanwhile I will be posting here once/twice a month, on the same topics close to my heart. See you around, and hope you all have been doing great.

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