Apr 24, 2014

7 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Must Have a Social Media Strategy - Guest Blogging on *bespoke*

First... I am no "successful" artist or "marketing guru" to give you Art Marketing tips ;-) But as a passionate art lover and artist, I superimposed some marketing-basics over my observations of several creatives who work wonders in their niches, to put some thoughts together.
Please hop over to  
Bespoke Magazine - my third guest post on Bespoke this week. 
Pic source http://aifriedman.tumblr.com/
In the post, I have also picked five artists who have a rocking product AND market their work smartly on social mediaDo you have any such creative entrepreneur role models? What are your thoughts on the importance of social media for creatives? 

And in case you missed the first two guest posts: they were easy DIYs which you could take a shot at:

Happiness and cheer through your day!

Apr 23, 2014

Guest Posting on *bespoke* Day 2: DIY - Shadow Box Art

REPURPOSE is my mantra for the first half of this week!

Today I walk you through repurposing a Shadow Box in which cutlery came neatly packed.
I stripped it down ...
Shadow box - Before
... and gave it a new meaning. Read how on my second guest post on Bespoke Magazine blog: Shadow-Box Art - DIY.

In case you had missed it, and if you are a repurpose-champion at heart too, do go over to my previous post on wood block art DIY.

As for the rest of this week, stay tuned for some artsy-craftsy travel ideas in India, and a social media nudge for creatives. Do check back here as I guest post on Bespoke Magazine this entire week.

Apr 22, 2014

Art Journal Exploits - Prompt #7 - "A Drawing is Simply a Line Going for a Walk"

"A Drawing is Simply a Line Going for a Walk"

... said Paul Klee, the Swiss painter whose artwork was surreal and expressionist. TheEconomist had one of the best write-ups on this artist, so I'll let you read that and won't say more.

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So to test what Paul Klee said, I let my pen go for a walk and spread some blueberry cheer around :-)

In case you hadn't checked back on my representation of last week's prompt LEAF, go here.

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Apr 21, 2014

Bespoke Magazine and Wood-Block Art DIY

You ought not to miss the action at the Bespoke Magazine - a quarterly publication "jam-packed with crafty projects, handmade products, artisan interviews, indie business inspiration and tips, and an abundance of creative inspiration. The magazine is primarily for and by the creative and handmade community, and is "designed to delight and inspire the international creative community." The Bespoke blog is also loaded with creative content - tips for business owners, DIYs, etc.

Why am I excited?
I am guest blogging at Bespoke this entire week.

Today's post is a smart wood-block art DIY that you can try out too. How do you transform plain-Jane wood blocks into a piece of art in seven easy steps? 
Here is a glimpse... 

Guest blogging at Bespoke Magazine - Wood Block Art DIY

Please go over to the post on Bespokezine to read in detail and see the process. Do tell me if you have done any wood block artwork, would love to see yours too.

May the sun shine bright on your week! 
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