Oct 24, 2017

8 simple, gorgeous Diwali decor ideas

Looking for some easy DIY Diwali decor ideas for your home this season?
Diwali decorating doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Mixing everyday elements with your shiny ones in interesting ways, can delight you with beautiful corners at home with very little effort.
Here are some unique Diwali vignettes I styled and shot for a collaboration with Asian Paints.

1. A casual basket of flowers

What about a basket of roses casually sprinkled over the center table, with glistening drops of water on them? (Almost like choosing wild, unmanicured gardens over manicured lawns!) Throw in some gold/brass figurines, warm lighting and you have a surefire conversation starter there.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

2. Silverware and warm lighting

Dull, warm lighting can enhance gold and silver ware and the gorgeous reflection of tea lights on them. Bring in figurines and flowers to add life to the vignette.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

3. A South Indian Diwali vignette as center table décor

Dust off those vintage paintings, and arrange them tastefully with gold plated diyas, gold jewellery, and a Kerala saree or Kanchipuram silk saree to add shimmer and shine this festive season. Group them in a spot with plenty of natural light, and simply let the vignette take centre stage.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

4. A classic Indian - Mediterranean combo as Diwali center table décor

Match your terracotta diyas with Turkish lamps for a novel look. You could enhance it with silver elements, flowers and shimmering fabric as the backdrop.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

5. Silver jewelry and silverware

Use your favourite silvers lavishly to infuse drama in your Diwali vignettes.
Time to bring out those silver, enamel earrings. Pair them with your silverware and silks for a centerpiece that glitters, but is not gold.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

6. Diya decor

Local markets would be teeming with diyas of all shapes and sizes during this season. Perk up the diya spread interspersing them with quick and easy Rangolis, done using the Rangoli plates which are available in hundreds of beautiful designs.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

7. Decorating your pooja room for Diwali

Deco up your Puja rooms tastefully this Diwali. Try a beautiful combination of terracota idols with diyas and mud cooking vessels, flowers and silks. Light up incense sticks and diyas, and transform your pooja space into a sensory delight.
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

8. Using everyday flowers in a unique way

Jasmine garlands can add instant freshness to your Diwali decor. Mix in a cocktail of lights and ornaments for some quick, sure-fire magic. This is a beautiful idea for work-day evenings during the festive season when you hardly have time, but wish your home would transform magically in no time!
Diwali decor ideas, festive decor - A Sunny Yellow Window blog

Wish you all a sparkling season!

If you like these tips, here's a video of this post for you to share/save:

(I shot these images for Asian Paints, and these images now belong to Asian Paints)


  1. Ambika loved this post.Each image is better than the rest!

    1. Thank you Sangitha for your kind words! The whole festive atmosphere of Diwali inspires, and that probably reflected in my photos :-)

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