Dec 7, 2018

Artist inspiration for the weekend

Two artists who I keenly follow, and who are sure to inspire you as well...

The Unskilled Worker
Self taught British artist Helen Downie usually goes by the above moniker, and has a super popular instagram account which led to her being found by none other than the fashion house of Alexander McQueen, followed by Gucci.
Her work is intriguing, eerie and complex.Colorful and detailed. Soulful and poetic. 
Here's this particular video of her story:
And don't miss exploring the entire story here at The unskilled worker.

Evelyn Tannus
Obsessed over this Brazilian artist's ceramic tattoed hands! ❤❤❤

I also love this lamp which could hold fort on its own on a dinner wagon or a side table in your home library. And these tattoed ceramic Greyhounds!
Website, Instagram.


  1. Thanks for another great post.This is so amazing.


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