Oct 29, 2013

DIY Ideas - Wooden Clothespin Couple in Love

Bliss. Love this. 

Totally inspired by the kissing clothespin couples' DIY ideas by Jessie Jane of LilyShop and Brittany Watson Jepson of The House that Lars Built
I had pinned these a long time ago, 
And here is my version. An Indianised version.

Red saree-clad young Indian woman kissing her man :-) 

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this one. Quick, and brings a smile to my face each time I see it!

Materials used ... wooden clothespin, a strip of cloth resembling a saree, black and red acrylic paint. 

Linking on to That DIY Party and Craft-O-Maniac to share today's joy.


  1. Just loved them.Especially the Indian couple :)

  2. Hi Ambika I happened upon your blog and was so glad I did! I love your Indian inspired clothespin figures... am going to be a regular visitor to your blog. You can count me as a new follower!

  3. Omg..how cute it is...I specially liked saree one. Coasters are beautiful too..loved the Mustache one :) and painting in your new header too. COngratulations on being a Mommy..that explains your absence.now that you are posting again ...shall visit you frequently.

  4. Hi There!!! I just happened on your blog. I love the saree one. Very creative.


  5. So creative...:) thanks for commenting on my blog...i jst discovered yours, and I am sure I will be back often!

  6. this is so cute !


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