Sep 21, 2013

DIY Ideas - Decoupaged Coasters

I decided to go Handmade this wedding anniversary of ours.
And went berserk with the DIY ideas in my head, mod podge, coloured handmade Auroville paper, and three plain wooden coasters who simply got weary being called plain-Jane by daily morning cups of tea!

Better half S is a super-dad, loves football and is a great companion. So all I had to do was to make the three coasters tell these stories...

Howdya like these decoupaged coasters?
Linking to the weekly story at Colours Dekor


  1. You have a lovely blog Ambika. Your hand crafted stuff are beautiful and your writing is a pleasure to read. Keep it up!!
    Enjoyed browsing through your blog and will return more often :)

  2. Cool! The 'Mistah Missus' was fun :)

  3. Thanks Aarthy and Rithe :)

  4. lovely ideas!
    willc heck out more of your blog.
    Do stop by Aalayam when you get a chance.


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