Mar 6, 2014

A Bohemian Home Tour

In one of the residential streets of uptown Colombo, Sri Lanka is a small colonial villa whose facade is shadowed by a wall of creepers surrounding the gate.
and a purring cat welcomes you along with Mrs. Padminee Nanayakkara, the charming owner who has traveled far and wide in her heyday.

(This was the first time I walked into a truly Bohemian home, it had only been Pinterest, Blogs and Instagram images of "bohemian homes" in faraway lands, so far.)
The Facade of Plants

A glimpse of the garden. (Doesn't look Boho, not yet!)

The highlight of the villa is the breakfast in the backyard garden, which is dotted with plants, terracota artifacts and masks from different parts of the world.
You can check out Padminee's website here which has pictures from her villa.

Now, we got to spend a day at her colorful apartment (next door) which is tastefully peppered with artwork and collectibles from the world over.
Stylish furniture, Plants, and interesting Fabric take centre stage framed by the Yellow wall

The beauty is that despite the presence of rich musuem-style artefacts, the apartment is casually styled and looks lived-in, as if the owner just stepped outdoors after a cuppa coffee.

Large floor cushions, books and footwear on a dhurrie in the middle of the room

Plants, Earthenware, Green, Paintings - my favourite corner

A corner on the floor for a quiet read, or for playing chess on a wood board 

Zoom in - The wooden chessmen
Another wall... more artefacts, Orange, artwork!

Much more for the eye to devour, the red painting on the left caught my fancy instantly
The home of a well-traveled person always springs up surprises, don't you think?

On a visit to Colombo, you can keep Mrs Padminee Nanayakkara's homestay in mind for a quiet stay in the middle of the city, interrupted just by bursts of color!
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  1. This house is so amazingly cool!! And this post of yours comes in such opportune moment. I was planning to go to Colombo. Now, I know where to head to! :)

  2. Glaaad that this was of instant help! Have a great trip.

  3. An absolutely lovely home Ambika... you can see the love in it and that it is a home that's grown over the years... a look like this cannot be styled... beautiful and charming

  4. Totally agree, Shalini! There was such effortlessness in the styling that makes the space so charming.

  5. amazing!!!! L-O-V-E-D the wall color and the chess is to die for! What a thrill it would have been see them in person!

  6. Yes indeed Rithe.. a small gem in the city!

  7. Such a beautiful home! Makes me want to plan a trip to Sri Lanka!

  8. Hi Ambika, followed you over from Instagram. What a lovely house this one. Love everything about the home, from the plant facade to the yellow wall to the artefacts :-) Lovely!

  9. Thank you Reshma, you should when you find time!

  10. Thank you Suchismita,it was a treat to stay there even for just a day :)

  11. So elegantly beautiful!
    Shall surely keep this place in mind as and when I visit Colombo!!

  12. This is a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing Ambika!

  13. Wow such gorgeous artwork on the walls- so much life and color.

  14. Thanks for dropping in.. Deepak, Anu and Erika!

  15. oh my gosh.. thats like a home of my dreams.. How stunning... fascinating and intriguing..

  16. This is so inspiring. Holy crap.


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