Mar 17, 2014

Art Journal Exploits - Prompt #2 - Portrait

I exchanged some interesting notes, and got to meet (virtually) a lot of creatives who journal their heart out! A truly enthusiastic bunch of them linked up with some wonderful pages, and I am glad we got it rolling! I hope this has been of help in getting atleast some of you to reach for your journals! :-) Click here to reach prompt #1 and see the journal pages linked up!
This week (March 17-23), let's go for
To see the rest of the prompts go here.

And this is what I have to share with you folks, the first time I ever let my paint brush lead me, instead of the other way round. I like it this way!
I usually just "color within the lines".

I let all the colors run down and meet at the very bottom... my way of saying - She is one with Nature.

Pleased to update that this 8*8 inch artwork is now Sold. 

Now, I'll wait for your versions of Portraits.
Have a good week ahead!


  1. I love this, I too am used to color withing the lines, change is good, and I try to not use paintbrushes,if poossible,I love finger painting -

    1. Finger painting is something I must try out too!

  2. Hi Ambika!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the invite.. :)

  3. Very spontaneous and vibrant work Ambika, enjoyed your beautiful posts today!

    1. Thank you Padmaja, I am glad you did! :)

  4. Thank you gang for linking up and sharing your techniques and creative process!


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