Jul 21, 2011


No, not a wordy post ... but a few compiled inspirations.

Love these products ... they are simply lyrical.

"Vintage blue birds layered on a french journal page."
The Journal de Paris - Bluebird Cotton and Burlap Pillow Slip

Just an Ampers&nd
Ampersand Cushion

"French Beach Words"

On burlap


What do you think is so charming about words, poetry, lyrics on these cushions? 

The old world charm?
Memories of (grand)mom's bedtime stories?
The back-to-schooldays feeling?
Would they smell of old notebooks? :-)

[Click on the pictures to go to their sources]

Jul 8, 2011

Attitude for the weekend

Been awhile since I posted last... Be right back with a DIY or two! 
Until then, wish you windy skies, mango showers, recycled cloth bags, parrots in the tree-you-see-from-your-balcony and Gulmohar petals as you step on the street :-)

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