Nov 6, 2011

Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Seafood and sea lovers don't miss this place on a visit to Bali! In fact, it cannot be missed since it is very much in the tourist circuit and everyone comes here for a fun evening by the sea, to bite into freshly grilled crab, oysters, prawns and other fish while listening to local bands or watching occasional Balinese dance performances on a makeshift stage.

As you approach Jimabaran Bay by road (just South of the airport), you are greeted by rows of seafood restaurants and a strong waft of grilled seafood. (So strict vegetarians who cannot stand the yumm fragrance of fish being cooked/grilled, could opt out of the fun!) You enter a restaurant after being greeted by a pretty Balinese girl with a headgear made of frangipani flowers, and she gracefully takes a flower from her basket and pins one in your hair above your ear. 

Walk in and the restaurant opens into the beach where a few hundred tables are laid out, and lit with candles (by evening). Reach by sunset, watch the sun and the sky mate with the sea. It's a "wow" sight to behold.

Settle down with a few drinks...

... as you are entertained by dancers swaying to local music.

An infectiously enthusiastic local band comes to every table, and sings you a cheerful song, and sometimes in your regional language. We for instance, were sung 'Tum paas aaye' with a Balinese accent, to our surprise and delight :-)

Then came the seafood, which is well done and worth a try. Needless to say, it will be better if one goes without any expectations of getting a masala fry or a tamarind gravy. Bland is the word, but that's the way it should be!

After this, a walk on the beach through the water makes a perfect ending to the night!


  1. wow! another of your brilliant photologues!
    have to start plans to go to bali now :)

  2. Anitha Alappat12:47 PM

    Lovely!! I can smell the fish being grilled :) Waiting for more from you in this series!

  3. thank god, you chose not to post the 'fun' part as photos, else I would have been made to opt out of this ;)
    by the way, what's there in store for a 'nature' person like me?

  4. Thanks all!
    Yes Ani, a few more on the way :-)

  5. Nice blog...


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