Nov 6, 2011

Balinese offerings

On a visit to Bali it is difficult not to step on atleast one of these compact offerings the Balinese make to the Gods several times a day. They are seen offered in front of all temples, buildings, stores, homes, inside vehicles - in small neatly woven palm-leaf baskets called canang-sari, and is always accompanied by a couple fragrant incense sticks.

Inside the basket would be a banana or sugarcane slice, grains of colored rice, bright flowers and leaves, and sometime biscuits as in the one above.

In a way, it symbolizes the eternal all-powerful relationship among people, spirits and the all-powerful nature ... and is offered to appease the benevolent spirits.


  1. each place has its own charm, rich cultural heritage and traditions :)

  2. Interesting…


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