Mar 14, 2011

This weekend's pick

The weekend was a joy ride ... we went visiting to an aunt's place in Pondicherry. The six hour stretch especially the return route we took ... Pondi - Thiruvannamalai - Krishnagiri - Bangalore, was simply beautiful!! Several lovely farming villages, lush green fields and mountains kept company all through our way with me going "wooow", "pls stop the car, let me take a snap" all along :))

Amidst photographs of the towering glory of the mountains, paddy fields, and of course the sights and sounds of the stylishly French Pondicherry, the ones below are my favourites from this weekend ...

The Mother @Auroville

Warding off evil - at a chai shop on the way

Welcome blooms

Am sharing this at Patty's Colours Dekor and Faith Raider's Simplicity.
Have a great week ahead all of you!!


  1. luved all the pics,.

  2. Loved the second pic in particular. You got maximum possible colours from the scene in the frame! =)

  3. Nice pics..!!
    I Loved the second one very much..!!!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up! I LOVE the colors.

  5. oh my!! What gorgeous pics... what an awesome weekend!! Im so so envious....

  6. Thank you for following me...I love your photography skills.Pls pass on the "gyan" make a post on how you take such wonderful clicks,whenever time permits and if u want to..

  7. Thank you Ambika and welcome to my Finnish world.
    I never been in India but I love your colors. In pictures India always shows land of colors and I'm color lover:)
    Have a nice weekend

  8. Beautiful pic!!! The colour and the theme...nice :)


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