Mar 9, 2011

Kanika Bahl's Anek Designs

This is one give-away you could give it all for! Rush to Kanika Bahl's colorful blog And Another for a sneak peek of the Potli Keyring give-away!

Below are some of my favourites from Kanika's work. You could check out her Etsy Shop for more brilliant creations!

A kantha silk cushion that'll brighten up any corner...
Kantha Silk Cushion

Serve your delicacies on this vibrant runner ...
Silk Kantha Table Runner

Love the colour combination on this one!
Kantha Silk Patchwork Cushion

... annnd you can own them too, just drop in to Bliss (Mumbai), Loose Ends (Mumbai), Masala Chai (Chennai) or The Orange Bicycle (Bangalore).

Go Anek go!


  1. Thanks Ambika...glad we have finally connected :-) Kanika's designs are fabulous!!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blogs and for your comments!
    And you are right about the kitchen, I would too! :)

  3. The collection is in sync with your blog title "Sunny yellow window" :)) Will be checking out Kanika's collection.

  4. Lovely cushion cover designs with bright colour combination. Keep posting

  5. hey ambika...thanks for the lovely post and the mention of all the stores i retail at!!!!


  6. Bright and colourful.. lovely designs!


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