Feb 28, 2016

Three groovy picks - The stylist's alphabet, graphic art and faux plants

Summer's almost here and the city's floral bounty leaves me smitten as it has every other year!

I am also deeply intrigued by these three finds this week, I hope these will feed your soul too.

(1) The Stylist Alphabet series of blog posts where Sibella Court lets us into the curios, mementos and elements she has gathered over the years, in alphabetical order. The most aesthetically appealing A-to-Z I'd have loved to read as a kid :-)
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

If you ask me, The Society Inc has one of the BEST designed websites - appeals to me at every single level. And of course, Court's book Gypsy is a coveted coffee table book taking one into a tour of the bohemian interiors in the Galapagos and Ecuador, Indochine, Turkey, Scotland, and Transylvania. 

(2)  The bold, minimal graphic art by London-based Malika Fawre
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

(3) Abigail Ahern's faux plants
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

An Indian, bohemian art and design blog
The closest to natural flora as it can get, with that fresh, wild feel to them.


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    1. Thank you for dropping by! :)

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