Apr 28, 2015

3 groovy picks - Rugs, Typography, Illustration

A silent prayer goes out to Nepal in distress. In the wake of the horrific earthquake, this news about IKEA's flat-pack shelters for the displaced, is beautifully relevant. More power to socially conscious design!

That aside, here are three amazing creatives who should fire your creativity this week...
(1) Carpets by Faig Ahmed. Love the way he breaks down the conventional structure of traditional rugs and randomly rearranges the resulting components of the traditional composition.

(2) Dana Tanamachi a whiz in hand lettering and effortless typography. You've got to start with this video of her personal project called Flourish, and go from there. I am bowled away!

(3) Assa Ariyoshi's graphic illustrations. Captivated by the way she blends bold colors, straight lines, and just the right curves.

Apr 4, 2015

3 Groovy Picks of the Week

Come Spring and Bangalore turns to one of the most beautiful cities to live in in India (forget the traffic snarls, and the pollution)... most streets are dotted by wild bursts of flowering trees. My daily morning walk to work is less hurried these days, I have to pause and take in the Yellow Cassia and Jacaranda in full bloom... simply makes my day! Just go through these digital illustrations The Flowering Trees of Bangalore by artist Megha Vishwanath and you'll know what I am raving about.

Alright, I am yet to get over this trio below...

(1) Justina Blakeney's latest book The New Bohemians, and its cover illustration by artist Monica Ramos (swoooon!)

(2) Bhang! An online store based in Chennai, India creating bespoke.dropdead.gorgeous.sarees

(3) This Color of Curry post by Deb, the Nomadic Decorator. I love the way it sounds "curry color" :-) its not yellow or brown or orange or what.

Have a beautiful week ahead.
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Apr 2, 2015

In Awe: Elise Hanna Photography

Captivated by the simple yet striking compositions in Elise Hanna's photography!

Elise is a globe-trotter but now lives and works from Chennai, India.

An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

I like what she has to say "Too many designers and photographers are hung up in creating and photographing perfect spaces, perfect people. Less is so much more. I’ve lived in three countries in four years and I’ve learned that no matter where you are in the world, a home is more than four walls and light can find beauty in unexpected places."

Her eye for patterns and striking color combinations in everyday scenes is delightful. 
She has photographed India's everyday in all its rustic beauty, (especially the food) so lovingly making the asymmetrical look symmetrical, loud colors subtle, and ordinary scenes look endearing without being overly processed. 

My FAVE is this Vada-kolam with Vadas, onions and curry leaves :-) Delightful!
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

Mango ice cream looks yummier through her lens
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

Saree weaving at Kanchipuram never looked as ethereal...

Masala chai in the making!
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

The spices that go into a Madras fish curry...
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

 Everyday scenes in Chennai... Parrys Corner  
An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

An Indian, bohemian art and design blog

If you love 'em you could order her prints here, and follow Elise's blog too.

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