Feb 2, 2015

Inspiration: Brand: PAMPA

I'd consider it the world's best career option if one could travel the world, make money while doing so, and give back to society at the same time. Nothing beats that!

Here we're talking a brand, an offbeat, socially responsible one which aims at supporting dying art forms of indigenous communities... PAMPA... founded by an Australian-Argentine photographer couple - Vicky Aguirre and Carl Wilson - who have traveled wide and far.
"We are adventurers. We integrate cultures. We search nature. We preserve art heritage. We are Pampa."

This brand has one of the most beautiful websites and products (fantastic range of art rugs hand-woven by native South American communities) I have come across. Through Pampa, Vicky and Carl have provided a growing market for the otherwise local artform which might never have crossed the surrounding mountains. These rugs now retail at several stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Here's a completely rustic, earthy brand that I am tempted to idolize. 

Watch this video for starters...
The rugs lined up...

Some of my favourite one-of-a-kind rugs from their collections:


And their creators...

Read about the weaving and dyeing process here.

Pampa's Instagram and Tumblr feeds are to die for, filled with stories of horses, sweeping landscapes of Australia and South America, woven rugs, weavers, and yes, Lamas.

All images from the Pampa website. You must go there!


  1. That is an amazing initiative by Vicky and Carl! It's wonderful how the artisans get a platform to showcase their talent so that people like us can admire and appreciate such masterpieces. As you said - Pampa - is a dream for so many of us and it's great to see some people actually living it! Kudos to the team!

    1. Yes indeed Arti! Its a dream job for me too


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