Jul 22, 2014

InstagramAddict of late

Instagram rocks. Visually appealing squares, Instant bouquets and brickbats. TONs of great feeds to follow! 

These I shared exclusively on my Instagram feed (@asunnyellowindow) lately. If you are there too, let's connect!

Jul 18, 2014

A Few Beautiful, Beautiful Artist Videos

Press play, sit back, soak in...

Sasha Pivovarova and her work in this video by the gorgeous wild-child clothing brand Free People

Flora Bowley, as she creates magic, just magic!

... and the enchanting Shirin Sahba of Limonana

Its not just the artwork itself, I love the personality of these artists shining through each frame, the background scores, the overall aesthetic in shooting these videos!

What do you say people?

Jul 16, 2014

7 Decor Trends that Do Not Appeal to Me

Popular abstract art is something I have mixed opinions about. Some of them look real lovely, and I would buy one if, only if, I knew the meaning behind it or the inspiration behind it.

Which got me thinking of some popular decorating trends...

After having seen tons of images on blogs and on Pinterest over the past couple of years, I have decided that some of these trends are not for me. They are beautiful by themselves, and probably look great on someone else's home. To each, his/her cup of tea, right!

Simply put, if these were pages in a book, I'd shut it and reach for another one ;-)

1. All Whites or Pastels. Too dainty for my taste. Not even for a little girl's room.

2. Uptight furniture
Thankfully the rug softens up this space
3. Way too craftsy DIY decor
Button embellishments and all
4. Overdoing 'traditional' in a modern apartment. Too much of brass (one in every vignette) for instance. Heavy, carved wooden furniture in small apartments. All just to bring in the desi look.

5. Everything in place. An artistic/aesthetic mess ought to find a place in every room I say.

6. Gold overdose. Gold and copper is definitely in these days. Gold-dipping appears to be the DIY of the year. But this?
Topman's New Personal Shopping Suite [Pics]

7. Awesome eye candy, impractical furniture. The semicircle seater in the pic above, for instance.

What do you think? 
Are there any popular decor trends you beg to disagree with? Eager to know.

(Oh yes, blogging after a short break since I got into a new day job recently. It sure feels good to be back here in my sunny nook! :-)
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