May 27, 2014

The Evolution of a Canvas - Gypsy and Deer - New Artwork update!

A blank canvas is intimidating and exciting at the same time. 
When you start off, there are a riot of ideas in your head which spin and swirl and do the somersault with every stroke of the brush on the canvas.
Several coffee breaks and iterations later, you decide to call it Done.
In fact, it is never Done, it can evolve as long as the canvas stays with you. Calling it complete is often a tough call to make. Have you felt the same way too?

I definitely prefer it that way though - just as in life - a broad layout to start with, and then set off on an adventure. Chuck guided-tours!

Thought it better to show you my canvas from start to finish in this quick animated-gif.
 photo GypsyandDeer-EvolutionofaCanvas.gif
Midway, I tried to bring in other aspects of this gypsy's life, but finally chose to keep it just to this precious moment between Man and Nature.

A moment in her day when she chooses to pause and befriend a deer that crosses her path.
Gypsy and Deer. Ambika Sudhakaran, 2014
This happens to be the second in my series of Gypsy art.
See the first here - Flower Gypsy.

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