Apr 18, 2014

Three Groovy Picks of the Week

(1) Art + Photography
Antaratma by Elena Ray. Elena's stunning work is a visual exploration of a holistic universe using camera and brush. She is a "yoga student and desert soul" who lives in California. 
Clockwise from top: 'Hands of an Indian Dancer', 'Lotus Woman Meditation', 'Chosen', "Ringing of a Tibetan Bell'

(2) Creative Entrepreneur 
Ariele Alasko, a New York-based furniture builder and wood worker who crafts magic using plaster lath.

Follow her Instagram feed for some daily wood goodness with a consistent color palette that is earthy, rustic.

(3) Website with Artsy Recipes 
Erin Gleeson's The Forest Feast filled with simple, healthy recipes - the best part is Erin's photography overlaid with her type and illustrations.
Hello, cute Superbowl Party food! I’m going to make these little Hummus-Tomato Deviled Eggs for the big game on Sunday. It’s been unseasonably warm in Northern California (with a lot of early blooms!) and I’ve been sitting outside with these for lunch several times this past week… and I can’t get enough of them! Just mash together the yolks with hummus, mayonnaise, and (spicy) mustard until creamy and spoon the mixture into the egg whites. I top each with a half of a grape tomato (like cherry tomatoes, but oblong like a football!). Finish with a sprinkle of smoky paprika and (Maldon) sea salt. Enjoy!

(All images sourced from the respective websites.)


  1. excellent choices..love reading these

    1. Thanks Lakshmi, these folks totally inspired me too!

  2. Loved the Forest Feast website ! Food photography and illustration is so much fun ... I designed and illustrated an Ayurvedic Cookbook for my diploma project, which was so much fun !

    1. Shikha, can we please please see your illustrated cookbook, it sounds lovely and I am super curious! Have you shared it on your blog yet??

    2. Hey, the book isnt on my blog but you can check it out on my behance page - http://www.behance.net/shikhanambiar Would love your feedback :)

    3. Delightful to say the least! Enjoyed reading through your thought process and research that went into it, choosing colors, layout, etc. Beautiful illustrations, Shikha! And the collaterals - calendar and bookmarks - too good.

      That calendar must be one useful keepsake for Ayurvedic cooking enthusiasts!


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