Apr 29, 2014

Three Groovy Inspirations of the Week

(1) Photography

Aya Cabauatan's photography is gorgeous in one wordThis teenager's subjects are simply her group of pals it appears, but her work celebrates the lightness of being, most of her photographs glow like surreal. 

Her instagram feed _positivity has some serious magic for you.

(2) Cinemagraphs 

...  are images that contain within themselves "a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly." 

I LOVE this breezy animated skirt by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. Follow the link for more!

(3) Illustrated Book

This is the cutest I've ever seen, haha! 

BIRD BEAK BOOK by Oscar Bolton Green. "His immediate, essential style, with its patches of colour and clarity of line, shows how tiny hummingbirds stretch into the flowers to draw out the nectar and how graceful flamingo dips its spoon-shaped beak beneath the surface of the water."

I think having a toddler at home makes me listen keenly to the sound of say, a cuckoo, just to point it out to him and do a cuckoo call together! :-) And this "birdie" book totally sings to me.


  1. Cinemagraphs are really cool and very easy to make (contrary to what it may seem) I had made a few during my internship once. Just photoshop required. :) These are lovely !

    1. That's interesting Shikha. I haven't come across too many cinemagraphs, so I was intrigued :) That link has some fun samples.

  2. And you inspire me round the year! :)

    1. Thanks Ankush :) Just passing the inspiration around!


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