Jan 25, 2014

Chai-khullad mornings

Good morning with leaves in a chai khullad!

Benefits of tea drinking in a clay cup
The joy of drinking tea in a mud cup ... tasting raw earth while you sip, makes for moments to savour, truly. And even better, instead of tossing them off, you can reuse them as plant holders at home and office. My whole-hearted vote for earthenware!

Oh, and are you on Instagram? The fun of micro photoblogging... loving it! If you are there let us connect! Find me @asunnyellowindow where I share photos of artwork and DIYs, travel experiences, special corners of homes and gardens.
Fun weekend to you!


  1. Hello Ambika,
    Love the organic nature of this picture........and I can't wait to enjoy a steaming cup of tea from a chai khullad. Thank you for sharing and you have a wonderful day !!!

  2. That's a very great rustic picture! Hope you are having a good week!

  3. Thank you Sruthi and Reshma... khullads as charming as always!


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