Jun 28, 2012

Art Journal - Painting Poems

A Haathi Chaap scrapbook for an art journal, Potli wooden blocks from Kadam, multi-hued watercolors, a black pigment liner, and a few words waiting to be strung together - were my tools of the trade.
I'm sure most of you know of Haathi Chaap, the folks who celebrate Elephant Dung paper. With that they create organic stationery, which sport the coolest of logos, and I like the post script on their homepage ... "No, it doesn't smell of poo. Really!" :-)

Incidentally, here's a fun picture I caught at the Singapore zoo.
And so,
my Haathi Chaap scrapbook flaunting the mammal's behind, and tied together with a ribbon, was waiting for the right inspiration. So were the hugely popular wooden blocks from Kadam.

I penned down two small poems.
One, of a tree calling out to his feathered friends. 

And another of a parrot's song 

And did I have fun splashing color on these beautifully textured pages!

Am linking on to the weekly story @Colours Dekor.

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