Oct 11, 2011

Three Delightful Stories

Two weeks ago, I got hold of a sketch poem book by Bangalore based artist Prabha Narayanan who blogs here. Delightful to say the least, the book is on and is called Nature and comes alive with easy watercolor strokes and poetry in the artist's own handwriting, and fits snugly in my palm. 
I first read about it in Priya Sebastian's The Plum Tree, and knew instantly that I had to buy it. A few email exchanges with Prabha and a copy of the book was mine. I have it up on my ledge like a fresh piece of art.

I also logged into Twitter after ages, never really understood the fun in it. But now I'm sort of hooked! I see several folks who write wittily, gives me interesting links, travellers, illustrators, and those who just write creatively about what they see around them. I really don't mind spending some time during my 1.5 hour bus journey to work, reading observant people who can play with words.
Tell me you are there too! You can find me @PopOfBright.

Let me leave you with this today...
                                                                  I opened an old book, 
Smelt the old pages.

As I flipped through the story, 
Which climaxes in Spring,

I found pressed 'ol flowers 
Between the pages.

Good day fellow bloggers!

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