Jun 12, 2011

DIy Ideas - Retro Repurposed Jug

Time to put some inspirations to action!
Some of you might remember the steel jug which I dished out of my cupboard after it was tucked in there for a very long time. This Saturday gave me the time to hunch up on a bean bag, jug in hand, a design on my mind, paints and brushes strewn all around me - my fingers itching to repurpose this otherwise not-too-useful object at our home.

I love the symmetry of bare brick walls. And flowers peeping out through the bricks. So here goes!
I intended it to be yellow, but it turned out an almost flourescent leaf green. Nevermind!

Let me make it clearer with the writing on the wall <grin> - a name board of wooden pallets at the bottom, claiming "repurposed"

Electric blue for the handle and knob,
and random brushstrokes with generous dollops of paint for the lid ...

Pebbles are the other surface apart from paper and fabric that I have ever experimented with. So inevitably unlearned-learned a couple of things after these few hours of trying to figure out how to paint on steel. A Google search would've been easier, but this was more fun! 
One: To cover a large surface of metal, it is best to spray-paint. Paint brushes leave their bristle-trail throughout.
Two: Not one, not two, but three coats of paint will be enough. Just one will definitely let the steel show through.
Three: Acrylic (fabric) paint is extremely versatile. It apparently can be used on wood, earthenware, and thermocol as well. (Hmmm!! There is a small wooden table lying bare-brown at home, if only S would agree :P)

Done! I dust my hands in satisfaction, stretch my legs out, and head for a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear if you have painted jugs, or pitchers, or mugs, or the town ;-) Do share a link if any in a comment.
Until then, let the sun shine on your day!

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