Apr 19, 2011

Painted windows

Wooden windows are pretty quaint stuff and I found plenty in Sikkim ... this being my third post inspired by the trip to the beautiful place!

I wonder how many of us have wooden shutters at home these days. I guess if I had them, I'd want to paint them up like these too..

Maybe not the top part of this one... but the panes are brilliant!

An apartment complex with columns of windows which looked like these would look stunning I think. (Could be priced at a premium though ;-)

White n blue's a classic.

If they were painted thus, would the air rushing in be colourful too? ;-)

Good day and do share your window joy if you've spotted some too!


  1. What a gorgeous post... with lovely pictures.. such eye candy.... I love them all... the simple blue and white... The other windows look like a paintin .. with a myriad of colors....

  2. amazing windows! I wish I can do that for my house :)

  3. Nice..!

    I have seen painted windows in a restaurant here.. Beautiful white paint and simple design over rustic tainted brown glass and wooden frame.

    Will share if I click pics!

  4. wow such a nice blog...your posts are adorable...i loved ur blog ambika

  5. really love the last picture!

  6. What lovely pictures!Just too good to look at.

  7. lovely post.love all of them,nice decor idea too..

  8. lovely post.love all of them,nice decor idea too..

  9. loved the window panes and shades! the colors and the combo are magnificent!

  10. *sigh* so so gorgeous.. I could look at this windows.. and just sit there forever!! wow!! awesome!!


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