Apr 28, 2011

How about dinner on a palette?

Painted furniture has its own charm. An apt choice of colors and textures can work wonders on a room brightening up corners or just being an attention-grabbing centrepiece. And I think they look best in a bright sunlit room!

Of textures, the sandpapered finish is what I love the most ... looks rustic and right-from-the-attic! I think they have a quaint old world charm.

Wonder why it isn't too common in Indian homes as yet; we still prefer to keep the original color of wood. Painted blue and yellow chairs, and coffee tables are the furthest I have seen around here.

Of all, I particularly like the idea of having a colorful dining set up, where you tease your senses not just with a plate of good food but also a color palette beneath it. And it so happens that I am fascinated by the simple rustic blues and greens, as you will see below :)

Muted yet bold colors

Ideal for a sunny brunch

Open up the windows and let the fresh air in ... air as fresh as this piece!


This table top is a series of painted wooden palettes ... love it!
Table of wooden pallets painted in shades of blue

Simple, awesomeness.
dining room table with cool painted details

(Click on the pictures to go to their sources ... in the process you can discover some interesting blogs and DIY zones!).

I've linked up @ Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday with this.
If you all have a painted piece at home, do share pictures, would love to have a look! And if its something you have done, nothing like it!
Good day!


  1. Lovely pictures... Even I love painted furniture - so vibrant and cheerful.... !! But we don't have many options to choose from in India right...Its always in natural wood colors...!!

  2. love all the pictures!!

  3. the colors are refreshening, ambika!


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  5. I personally loved the last pic!! That is amazing!

  6. Loved the first one most! I'll definitely do this when I get my own house :D

  7. Lovely dining tables and chairs combo, would refer to it, once we plan to replace ours......

  8. great pictures of furniture! I will share my green bookshelf soon :)

  9. great ideas and lovely pictures (also thanks for the sources)! And you are right there is some sort of color aversion in Indian houses .. I really want yellow sandpaper finished furniture for my bedroom but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere.. guess DIY is the way to go..

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