Dec 30, 2010

A hospital visit ...

... is a humbling experience!
How diseases are a leveller!

Dec 28, 2010

Parallel to my balcony...

...a railway track lies.
Myriad village folk along it tread.
Some walk briskly, some sit around,
Some pass time, and some head to work -
A microcosm of society,
Runs parallel to my balcony.

Oct 2, 2010

A favourite corner at home

The large white doors of our drawing room when opened welcome the morning rays of the sun which lights up the whole house with a glow. Gentle breeze blows in musically and the long curtains dance to its tunes. A balcony opens out of the drawing room, and looks out into an open area where a railway track runs parallel.

Inside the room are a few cherished pieces ... a Buddha, a fish bowl, and a bronze lady lying down in a relaxed pose. 

One some mornings, the fish bowl comes to life when the sun's rays fall directly on it. The water glistens, and it reflects on the wall behind it, brilliant streaks of light on the wall. Fish calmly swim around awaiting the next tid bits that fall in. Watching this space puts my senses to perfect ease, the tranquility complete with the Buddha sitting calm next to the bowl.

Sitting on the sofa, I can see the passers by on the railway track talking aloud, singing, or just walking by silently. Some of them attend their calls of nature, right beside the track; a disgusting sight otherwise, to me it just blends off as man becoming one with nature. 

The track sits atop a slope which is now a vibrant green after the rains. The green slope comes alive every morning with hundreds of butterflies coming to suck nectar from the tiny flowers. 

The one scene which I wait for is that of a shepherd and his wife who bring their two dozens of goats to graze on the slope. I have seen them just thrice in the last one year; the next time I see it, I am definitely running for my camera!
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