Weekly Art Journal Prompts

Just look around you... inspirations can be overwhelming.
Are you more a visual person than a writing person who prefers not to "write" a diary,
and need that gentle nudge to dig out the sketchbook and art supplies that are gathering dust in your drawer?

These weekly art journal prompts are JUST FOR YOU! These are simply ideas ... you can stretch them as far as imagination can go.


(6) Leaf
(8) A Precious Childhood Memory
(9) Vessels
(10) Nature's Best Friend
(11) Your Most Faithful Gadget/Toy
(12) Shadow
(13) Feet 
(14) Water
(15) Bohemian  
(16) Ethnic Headgear
(17) Flowers 
(18) Tangerine
(19) Three Colors (Try using only 3 colors) 
(20) Birds and Beasts
(21) The Lightness of Being 
(22) Wonderstruck
(23) Free Falling 
(24) Yellow
(25) Magical Universe
(26) Imagine 
(27) Bloom
(28) Passion 
(29) Relish
(30) Imagine
(31) Pop Of Bright
(32) Pink 
(33) Fruit Peels
(34) Junk Art
(35) A Day at your last Travel Destination
(36) Lady and Bird 
(37) Mood of the Day 
(38) A Rumi quote Illustration
(39) Mirage
(40) The best quality in me 
(41) Hats
(42) Bugs on Leaves
(43) Grateful to God
(44) Feet and Footwear
(45) Meditating on a Lotus
(46) Saree
(47) Yoga Postures
(48) Why I need my me-time
(49) Your Travel Wishlist for the next year
(50) Snowflakes 
(51) The Year that was, the best things you did this year
(52) 5 New Year Resolutions!

This linky is now closed. But you are welcome to use these prompts for your daily/weekly art journaling, and to link back to this page.
Here's to living and journaling a creative life!

Go ahead, meet and greet the others who linked up here in 2014 when the linky was live.


  1. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog ! I am going to participate in this week's exploit :) Excited :D !!!

    1. Go for it Shikha, love your peppy illustrations!

  2. Thank you, Ambika! I'd live to join in..
    Ingrid x

    1. Will look forward to your pages Ingrid!


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