Nov 7, 2018

Hello, and our move to Bangkok

Bangkok has been easy to settle down in.
We were quite, quite rooted in Bangalore, in a nice big comfort bubble. 
A job change for my husband meant the three of us move to the City of Angels... lock, stock and barrel, and now settled in well here.

Home here is a nice spacious apartment in the heart of the bustling city.
Airy and bright, here are a few shots of mornings at home...

"A Freethinkers Prayer Book" by Khushwant Singh is a great, slow read

It is indeed a sunny yellow window!

Shadow dance by the Sun

Fresh orchids from the market, and a bunch of pink faux flowers from Ikea

Roaming around the city on my own is my best past time here so far (until I land a job or embark on some creative pursuit, that is). I'll be sure to share visuals and a record of my city walks with you
 over the coming months.

I have noticed that there's still an abundance of greenery in Bangkok, despite the growing number of skyscrapers and trees giving way to urban jungles.

I try to bring in my share of greens indoors as well. I think plants are the cheapest, and b.e.s.t decor accessory. What do you say?

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