Sep 3, 2014

Artsy Products: IndiaCircus - A Flamboyant Celebration of India

 I love unabashed Indian-ness with a contemporary twist.
Among the many recent India-inspired brands, India Circus sure is a favorite! No doubt that with designs inspired by Mughal royalty to the roadside chai, their growing product line of decor and personal accessories appeal hugely to the urban Indian.

I have begun to mute myself to over-the-top use of loud colours and truck signs on products ranging from teacups to handbags to furniture - and which are mostly over priced.
In that sense, IC is a smart departure from loud to chic, contemporary, and it is easier on the wallet.

Indian + Artsy + Quirky + Affordable... sure gets my thumbs up.

Chirping birds on this set of glasses wins my heart over. The size is just right...

And it comes packed in a well-designed box. Hoot hoot!

And this multi colored wallet is a winner with its ample space to tuck in your phone, cash, cards... works perfect for my purpose.

Be sure to check the range of home decor accessories on the IC website. A special mention to the wall art collection, and the new curated loot, especially Jodi the apparel brand.
And like I did, you could also subscribe to their mailing list to keep track of what's new and not-to-be-missed.

(PS: All photos shot by me at my sunny home in Bangalore)


  1. Wow! Loved what you picked up! I do subscribe to the India circus newsletters but haven't purchased anything yet! I esp like the wallet you bought!

  2. Good to know that Reshma! I have a small wishlist of IC products itself :-)

  3. Wohooo!! Love it, Ambika. The glasses are just so cute!! And the wallet is adorable..I really like the lotus print on it :).
    The Kantha cushions have been dressing up my corners for some time now but I can never get enough of them :) :).


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