Apr 23, 2014

Guest Posting on *bespoke* Day 2: DIY - Shadow Box Art

REPURPOSE is my mantra for the first half of this week!

Today I walk you through repurposing a Shadow Box in which cutlery came neatly packed.
I stripped it down ...
Shadow box - Before
... and gave it a new meaning. Read how on my second guest post on Bespoke Magazine blog: Shadow-Box Art - DIY.

In case you had missed it, and if you are a repurpose-champion at heart too, do go over to my previous post on wood block art DIY.

As for the rest of this week, stay tuned for some artsy-craftsy travel ideas in India, and a social media nudge for creatives. Do check back here as I guest post on Bespoke Magazine this entire week.


  1. Stunning, stunning Ambika! Loved it a lot!

    1. Thanks much Padmaja! I thoroughly enjoyed doing this too.

  2. Beautiful Ambika. This is so pretty and so simple! My next DIY project, going to try this soon. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Kunjan. Do show-and-tell on your blog when you try this project out!


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