Mar 24, 2014

Dream Studio, and Art Journal Exploits Prompt #3

Happiness is in dreaming...
And in making dreams happen.
An ideal work day (photo: Ballet Feet by Jules Falk Hunter)
On an (imaginary) bright, sunny morning you would find me in overalls with cans of paint in a wooden shed painted teal, in the woods. Talk about ideal work spaces!

These busy studios speak to me, lots of light, mood boards for inspiration, display of artwork, space to paint and do social-media, part-messy, part-organized. I would WANT to create, and keep creating in them.

Super curious to know about you folks! 
Show n tell the world
What Your Dream Studio Would Look Like 
And that would also be The Art Journal Exploits prompt #3 for the week March 24-30.

Do tell me about your ideal studio in a comment. 

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Cheery day to all!


  1. Where Do I post my link? :)

    1. Erika, there is an Add Your Link button at the bottom of the post. It should appear on the desktop/tablet/phone. Try it..

  2. Hi Ambika, I am hosting a Giveaway with Jaypore on my site today. Would love for you to enter and do please spread the word. Thanks a bunch Anu

  3. Hey, I dont paint and you know that! But if at all I wanted a studio that would inspire my skill to write, then it would be a place where I can see the world go around doing its business and I can watch them without being noticed. It also has to be a place where I can never be disturbed. Laptop welcome, but phones and internet and people a big no no inside my studio when I am working :)

    1. Sounds good Rithe, like a Ruskin Bond writing studio :)

  4. I actually really like the photos you chose! My studio would be fairly similar. Bright light and color with well organized art supplies. But a good amount of mess too! Artistic messes are the best ... I love splattering paint around! I would love to have such nice things in my studio that it looked fun and homey even when it was a mess, instead of just looking sloppy. :)


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