Mar 11, 2014

Weekly Art Journal Prompts for Soulful, Creative Expression

Weekly Art Journal Prompts and Link-party for Soulful, Creative Expression

Just look around you... inspirations can be overwhelming.
Are you more a visual person than a writing person who prefers not to "write" a diary,
and need that gentle nudge to dig out the sketchbook and art supplies that are gathering dust in your drawer?

As for me, a Haathi Chaap journal was indeed gathering dust in my drawer! 
The illustrated poem I had done in mid-2012. 
Art Journal - Painting Poems

... and a Sketch-a-Plant done earlier
Art Journal - Sketch a plant

If we are on the same page,
how about a weekly rhythm to bring back the creative discipline in your busy week? 

Let's make a beginning with an affirmation.
These prompts are just ideas. You can stretch them as far as imagination can go!
Here is your first prompt for the week 10-16 March 2014 

"Creative Freedom"

(1) It can be an illustrated quote, or a painting, type, doodle, collage, a moodboard - you just run wild!
(2) Post it on your blog, and link up on the linky in this page. If you don't have a blog, pls send me the digital journal page OR photograph of the journal page, and I will link it up here. My email 
(3) Do share this on your blogs/other social media so that More-the-Merrier! Bring your friends along.
(4) Please link back to this post on your blog
(5) Pls do meet-n-greet the other folks linked up here

Please remember, this is not a contest. It is a vent-out space to meet like-minded creatives and discuss everyday creativity boosters. It is meant to be a soulful, creative process of self-expression.
The intention is to keep drawing, to keep coloring, to keep cut-pasting inspirations, keep blogging, to keep our creativity outlets open and not let it fizzle out inside.

Here's to living and journaling a creative life!
Go to this master page to see all the prompts and pages linked up so far.


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Hi Ambika, Count me in! Just give a day or two and I'll have something up before the 16th...sonny boy is in the thick of Boards, so am I!Great feature, I am all excited to join the party!

  2. Count me in also.

  3. Good to know that guys... Let's do this together! Looking forward to your journal pages, while I start with mine as well.

  4. Hi Ambika, I got your message on IG; how did you know I needed to get my creative blog going, as it's been gathering dust for a couple of years! I look forward joining this HaPpY SuNnY PaRtY!

  5. hi, got your mesage on Instagram, I would be happy to join, as soon as I get a post up on my blog - what day do we link up during the week, or does it matter?

    1. Maria, you can link up any day of the week!

  6. what a fun prompt! Im going to have to come back and see everyone's beautiful artwork.

  7. sounds like fun :) . will send you something , Ambika . and thank you so much for stopping by my blog

  8. Hello! I am CAOBECKY on Instagram. Thank you for invinting me to your lovely blog! I just posted my today's journal. :) Can't wait to see more!

  9. Anonymous10:22 PM

    HI Ambika! I almost didn't make it! The net con. is playing spoilsport for the past couple of days...I am glad to join in the fun. Thanks for hosting. HAPPY HOLI!!!

    1. Thank you for joining with the moodboard, Supriti!

  10. Hi Ambika
    I am really enjoying the Happy Sunny Party too. Really enjoyed reading your post and I am looking forward to see everyones work! Andy

    1. Thanks Andy for linking in with that lovely page!

  11. Thank you guys for linking up, really delighted to see so many ways of conveying the same message! Let's keep this movement growing every week!


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