Feb 20, 2014

Creating Vignettes with Paintings

While I clean my paint brushes and pat them dry on a piece of cloth (which btw was white, and is by now dyed colourful, beyond recognition),
I thought I'd share with you readers a few vignettes at home with paintings as the focal point... The ones with a casual vibe with art simply plonked up on a ledge or a shelf.

Here's an instant one - a hurriedly put-together illustration of mine (for a newly-wed couple), with an old teapot and fresh carnations
How to create vignettes with paintings

My mom is a pro at whipping up these "instants".
She goes to the garden with her scissors, comes back with a bunch of greens, picks a forgotten bowl from the cupboard, picks a painting from elsewhere, flowers, and there!
That's her painting btw, with carnations, a wooden tray and a classic brass bowl.
How to create vignettes with paintings

This one is around a painting I did in school. One look at the protagonist and you will know, schoolish vignette I call this ;-)

Hey, on another note, here's what is on my painting table (my studio!) at the moment...
(This one is in anticipation of which ledge it will be plonked up on!)
More about the inspiration behind this, and the finished painting in my next post.

So yes, back to vignettes,
Trust artwork and plants to brighten up any corner!
What are your vignette "strategies", what elements do you use most often, do share a link if you have posted on any.

Linking onto a few parties... Wildly Original and Home and Garden Thursday.

Feb 6, 2014

Gypsy Woman - New Artwork

A free-spirited traveller, born to be a nomad.
There definitely is more to her than just travelling around...
She dabbles in making music, creating art, foretelling fortunes, tattooing,
and even journalism as does a modern-day Gypsy.

Here is my whimsical interpretation of a moment in a Gypsy woman's day
when she pauses to pick up and wear flowers,
before getting back to her chores and her journey.

Frida inspired, for sure!

Bohemian Gypsy Woman Acrylic Painting by Ambika of A Sunny Yellow Window blog
Gypsy woman
This piece is Sold.

Critique is most welcome! Pls send me an email (ambika.kolangarakath@gmail.com) to add you to the mailing list announcing any new artwork for sale.
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