Dec 16, 2013

"I have heard them mermaids sing" - A Painting

They colored many a childhood dream of mine... I would like to believe they are real.
Can you imagine what a fun life it must be down under? Surfing, sea shells, corals, sun, sand, ocean breeze, racing with fish, whistling at fishermen. Here's a happy one riding the waves in good company.

Mermaid painting
I have heard them Mermaids sing - acrylic painting

Acrylic on a 10*12 inch canvas.
Illustrated and colored by yours truly, with immense childlike joy!

And  I haven't heard them sing yet ;-)


  1. Lovely! :)
    As a child, even I used to adore and dream about mermaids and the fun-filled life they would have. But somewhere down the race, all such beautiful thoughts hid somewhere, even I don't have any idea where and why they disappeared. :)
    Thanks for making me think like a child again, atleast for a while. :)

  2. beautiful mermaid and lovely colours ... love the way she's looking for treasures of the sea!!!!

  3. Thanks Esther... She is free spirited indeed!

  4. All your work brings a smile to my face. Sweet with a touch of whimsy which I really like!

  5. Thank you Sujatha :-) Whimsy.. thanks to the eternal dreamer that I am

  6. Beautiful, you are so talented! and what a lovely dream.

  7. whimsical! i love artwork that makes your heart smile and this one just did!



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