Aug 23, 2013

Long time.. Inspirations.. DIYs..

The last I posted was when I was seven months preggo!
So my excuse for not blogging for a year is a playful little boy all of eleven months now :-)
Great to be back here.

While in the past several months I have become a much more confident new mommie, my head has also been brimming with ideas and inspirations. I have been passively keeping track of a truckload of blogs - devouring interesting content from the ones I was regular at, and stumbling upon new mind blowing ones.

The most inspiring of all - artist entrepreneurs - have opened my eyes out to the endless possibilities of a creative career.
From a falling leaf to a ride in a crowded bus, their every day is a new revelation. To share my favorites in another post.

One inspiration leads to another, or so I learnt from Guru Pinterest ;-)

And then I have been upto a few DIYs, including the quick painting in my new header, noticed that? 
Also planning to show off my quick DIY project with mod podge and wooden coasters. That's up-next in this space.

To a great weekend ahead!


  1. Wuhooo! Feels great to see you blogging again and hearty congratulations, such wonderful news of your lil cute baby boy! The first thing I noticed was your header, the painting is very beautiful, I love the entire setting actually, very artistic. And I am already looking forward to so much more! Welcome back, Ambika! Keep blogging. :)

  2. Thanks Arti! Good to hear from you. And like I mentioned in my post I had been passively following your journeys. You keep travelling and I hope to keep creating :-)

  3. Yup the new header caught my attention :) Nice painting as well as nicely arranged flowers. Welcome back! Looking forward to sharing your DIYs. Hope some of the little less artistically inclined ppl like me will be able to do some too.

  4. Congratulations Ambika! :) Wish you happy parenting :D

  5. Ha...
    So finally got to see you back here.. :) Dont know how come I missed this post by a week... :D
    Nice painting posted on the header, realized it was your work even before I read the post. Was trying to reach you for some time, but no response. And hope baby C is doing great. Just realized we have met only twice, that too for a couple of hours, after C was born. Mommyhood kept you busy, but I was recollecting what kept me on my toes... :D
    Hoping to see wonderful art more often. :)

  6. Ambika madam

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    Ambika madam best wishes for your hobby and career projects.

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