Aug 23, 2013

Long time.. Inspirations.. DIYs..

The last I posted was when I was seven months preggo!
So my excuse for not blogging for a year is a playful little boy all of eleven months now :-)
Great to be back here.

While in the past several months I have become a much more confident new mommie, my head has also been brimming with ideas and inspirations. I have been passively keeping track of a truckload of blogs - devouring interesting content from the ones I was regular at, and stumbling upon new mind blowing ones.

The most inspiring of all - artist entrepreneurs - have opened my eyes out to the endless possibilities of a creative career.
From a falling leaf to a ride in a crowded bus, their every day is a new revelation. To share my favorites in another post.

One inspiration leads to another, or so I learnt from Guru Pinterest ;-)

And then I have been upto a few DIYs, including the quick painting in my new header, noticed that? 
Also planning to show off my quick DIY project with mod podge and wooden coasters. That's up-next in this space.

To a great weekend ahead!

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