Nov 30, 2011

DIY Ideas - Young, Wild and Free - A Collage from Yesteryears

Today is about reminiscence.
About the truckloads of fond memories you bring back from college and hostel life, and sometimes memorabilia... like this collage I made in my first year of undergrad school. It was on my wall then, moved with me, got packed in aluminium trunks, got unpacked, unrolled, pinned back on the wall as I moved rooms after each year ended... till the last year of study.

Looking at it now, I'm reminded of those things which used to excite me then, what appeared "cool" then, a celebration of the first year with new friends, and a break into life in a college hostel.

Red had to be the predominant color, signifying well, defiance. The red handmade sheet from Auroville's outlets in Pondicherry came handy! And all the teen magazines, newspapers were scoured and dissected for interesting pictures.

Here are portions of the whole...

Veerappan was smart I thought ;-) for being RobinHood

I guess this put the whole effort in a nutshell... I'm young, so is my world!

It was the beginning of the www exploration

Somehow, a kathakali also fit into the scheme of things

And here's the whole collage...

I cannot put this up on my wall now, of course, since we've grown out of "go punk" and "go funk"! Better-half S laughed it off :D
But it will always stay with me as a happy reminder of the years when friends and I first tasted Young-Wild-and-Free..

I'm sure you've got stories to tell as well ... what have you folks treasured as memories of your yesteryears?


  1. I excel in throwing away stuff. I guess it's a reaction to my Mum's hoarding ways which I found so annoying.

    But I do remember saving my school slam book. Have a big box for stashing all the beautiful cards that I have got on birthdays and anniversaries, little notes written by my students...

    And I loved your collages - very creatively done.

  2. So cool! :D
    So beautifully brought together!

  3. It must have lovely to have that collage in otherwise plain hostel rooms :D

  4. Interesting, Ambika.Loved it! Young,Wild and Free...Nice title.

    I used to treasure everything and anything my friends gave me, be it choc wrappers and feathers or cards and autograph books. I am very sentimental about all this, maybe too much for some:)))

  5. have got it very well together...perfect memory. I don't have anything except slambook and some cards and some of my sketches/drawings I did in college.

  6. great collages!

    I made a collage on a thrown away whiskey bottle cover, but left it at my last place. But, it was nowhere close to what all you have done! Lovely work!

  7. Great to hear.. collage on a whiskey bottle cover, slam books, feathers...
    And Thanks for the kudos people!

  8. Wonderful and artistic collage...should say :)
    Unfortunately, lost many of my memoirs that only remain as memories in my packed mind!

  9. I had similar collages too :) Esp;remember one with miss universe/miss world beauty pageant cut-outs :) Lovely!

  10. emotion attached to hair pin of your love, emotion attached to your sand under your lovers feet..

    makes them precious and only the person who preserves them only knows the story behind them

  11. Beautifully made collages Ambika!!
    I too made these collages when in collage and they are real fun to make!!
    I still have some of them with me and looking at those is such a joy!

  12. Oh this is nice! A lovely idea too!

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