Nov 20, 2011

MyMela - Shop, Learn, Invest, and Reach Out

A great initiative, MyMela. I was quite kicked about sharing their work with you folks after I received Leah Herman's email on the interesting concept called MyMela.

An online marketplace, MyMela was founded by Navroze S. Mehta, and envisions the creation of a dynamic online marketplace for Indian artisans, providing them a sustainable market for their work as well as a source of loans to ensure their independence and long-term viability.

Through their website you can buy distinctive handcrafted artwork while learning about the organization/artisans who created them. So you pick a durrie online, scroll down and read about Sanjay Goel from Agra who wove the Rajdhani Durries. Or you buy a wooden photo frame, while reading about Abid Hussain, a first generation wood carver from Uttar Pradesh. It completes the shopping experience!!

What's more, you can also choose to make small "MyMela" loans to artisans will be used to buy materials, make capital improvements or train other workers and will be repaid to you with interest in credits on the MyMela marketplace. Read in detail on how this works, in Navroze's interview with Forbes.

Here's what the marketplace offers...
Hand embroidered silk and cotton cushion covers

Sleek bowls


Lovely brass jewellery


and handmade silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, embroidered silk wall hangings, coasters, incense holders, and more!

You can also stalk them by subscribing to their monthly mosaics/newsletters or by following their blog, getting updated through their Facebook page, or following them on Twitter.

"This is the unique MyMela experience: shop, learn, invest and grow while reaching out across the globe to form a new community committed to the survival of Indian crafts."
A hurrah for this social entrepreneurship initiative!

(All images courtesy MyMela)


  1. That is a great initiative. I have seen some similar websites but they don't put pics of the product in making or the person behind the lovely product.

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing..!

    Wishing you happy Sunday Ambika!

  2. wonderful initiative

    lovely work on display

  3. Thanks for sharing the website. Good initiative. The loan feature is in my opinion a great idea.

  4. Wow, wonderful designs and lovely handwork :) Good to see such new initiatives to help the art survive, I feel its seriously loosing its charm nowadays...!

  5. Especially liked the durrie and the jewelery box. I'd love to check out their site.

  6. An interesting post and a great initiative!

  7. How nice! Some beautiful handicrafts! Now off to check the website

  8. Looks like a great initiative, such talented artisans:)

  9. That's wonderful.. It's always good to know the artisan who did it. It adds so much more character to the piece. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh wow! This is a wonderful initiative !! I'm off to contact them :-)


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