May 24, 2011

An ode to the Kanchipuram Saree

To me, all silk sarees are fondly "Kanchipuram Sarees"! (Did I see some of you nod in agreement?)
I grew up watching my mom drape her cotton sarees every day to work, crisp and neatly pleated, with no cause for concern about a loose end or a poking pin or too short a pallu. Everything was in place, and the saree was, and is, comfort-wear for her. And like most women, she has a gorgeous collection of silk sarees kept neatly folded, and treasured in the wardrobe, which is taken out occasionally to wear to a Sunday morning wedding or to a house-warming lunch.

I borrowed several of them from her during my years in college. Fun, I didnt have to go saree-shopping, I could just come home and pick from her ready-to-use collection. These I'd proudly strut around in during the Diwali and other college celebrations.

That was the story of seven years ago. Now an occasional saree-hunt is a thing I have grown to enjoy, with a special soft corner towards traditional Kanchipuram silks. To me, the colours and vibrance in Kanchipuram sarees are simply brilliant.

More than the beauty of it, they remind me of mirth and laughter during weddings, gifts given by relatives to wear at their weddings, compliments when dressed up, and beautiful photographs with kith, kin and friends. To me, they mean happiness and gaity!
Tweet: Kanchipuram sarees remind one of happiness and laughter, sunshine and warmth at weddings & family get-togethers! 
The saree is not yet comfort-wear for me, and probably never will be. But wearing it to a special occasion holds a dear, special charm.

To the lovely Kanchipuram saree hand-crafted by the small-town weavers of Kanchipuram.

PS: The pictures above purely intended to show-off my collection ;-)

And I'm sure most of you have your favourites too, do tell me your saree stories! I've shared this @ColoursDekor.

May 19, 2011

Sing along... These are a few of my favorite sounds

Keeping visual treats and DIYs aside for the day, I got thinking of a few sounds which tickle my ear each time I hear it.

I get thinking, or just close my eyes and smile when I hear ...

The sound of feet on dry leaves

The last drops of water dripping down after a tap is closed

The sizzling sound when I pour tadka into curry

The sound of crickets in the backyard

The roar of a river at my window, even if I can't see it

A loved one purring lazily in the morning when I try to wake him up

The sound of vehicles starting up after a terribly long traffic jam

The occasional train that passes by my house. It doesn't disturb sleep anymore!

Far-away loudspeaker-music that comes in with the wind

The sound of fire crackling through burning firewood, heard it?

A fan coming alive after a long power-cut in summer!

Some take me far away, some remind me of childhood, some just make me enjoy the moment.

What sounds do you heart?? Did any of these give you a sense connection?
Do share your moments...

May 9, 2011

Garden Ideas - The Pebble Project

This weekend after several busy ones before, was a relaxed one ... spirited and gastronomically-stimulating too! Entertained a few visitors, went plant shopping at a horticultural society and celebrated our second wedding anniversary!

Also did some pebble painting as the title indicates. One each to give company to a Buddha, a bead-eyed frog and a turtle. Took out my fabric paints and brushes and spent 10-15 min on each, come have a look at the outcomes.

Buddha plans to sit on it and meditate

A few villagers posing with the painted rock

Green and white's company for the frog!

Heard the story of Lotus and the Blue Turtle? ;)

And all three products from the day's fun project, basking in the sunshine

On another note, pls do check out this cool article on 27 magical secret gardens by team 'Planted Well'... I for one have bookmarked it for use when I have my own lil independent home.

Sharing this 'craft'iness at some very cool blog parties - weekend wrap-up at Colours DekorPolly Want a Crafter, Mad in Crafts, Craftomaniac and Girl Creative.
Let a great week begin!

May 5, 2011

A few smart finds of today

Here are some super-smart ideas to think about today. Do-it-yourselves!

A handmade wooden bicycle shelf, woah!

What to do with a bunch of glass bottles

Never discard an old drawer ... here's why!

Pretty maids all in row!

And here comes the best!! Can't get more nature friendly than this, isnt it?

All images courtesy Pinterest.

May 4, 2011

Brass and Steel Flower Vases

Getting the two together for a warm, inviting feel.

The steel jug is hardly ever used at our home these days. Just took it out of the cupboard today to make it an instant vase for the kitchen.
Next step, PAINT IT! I shall post it soon.

May 3, 2011

Versatility in Blogging

I'm glad to have been named a Versatile Blogger by Dhaami who blogs at Gossamer Dreams dedicated to gorgeous photography! You must check her space out, its a treat to the eye!

Thank you!

And the rules are :
1. Link back to the blogger who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

So I'd like to pass on this award to ten wonderful bloggers whose spaces I simply love to spend time on!

- Miss Mustard Seed for the grand posts on painted furniture and her work, love love her work!! Am amazed at the number of pieces she has churned out each time I look for updates.

- Sameera @Life In a Jiffy, for her simple poetry which comes straight from the heart, and tugs at you.

- Compai, for their unique, whacky, awesome home ideas. LOVE what the Blakeney sisters are upto! You must check out their Jungalow.

Dithi's Deezden - amazing art. If I am investing in a painting for my drawing room, would definitely have one of hers. Intense, meaningful work!

Maria Dermengiu at Marie Nouvelle Studio for the beautiful pieces of art, her work and beauty in all its forms, that she compiles in her posts.

Whipperberry, an awesome storehouse of crafts and many things nice. Sheer eye candy and a whole lot of DIYs there!

Geninne's Art Blog, of a brilliant artist. I find her style to be very unique.

Ingrid Jansen's Wood & Wool Stool, for the wood recycling projects she comes up with.

Charu's earthy sketches at Dry Pastels. Uniqueness again.

Faith Raider's Simplicity, a lovely photoblog and several other inspirations!


Can't miss a mention of a few other of my favorite decor bloggers - Colors Dekor, Rang Decor, Sound Horn Please, Artnlight, The Key Bunch, MyDreamCanvas, Once upon a tea time ... Design stories, An Indian Summer, Purple Homes, LivenThingsUp - part of my staple diet. Am sure they have received this 'award' several times, so am not adding on!

Alright, now as part of the routine, here are seven things about me ...

1) That I love to travel to untouched, uncommercialized places rich in local flavor, mmmmuch more than following a tourist guide's routine visiting touristy lakes, museums, the Malaysias, Niagra Falls and Ootys.

2) That photography is my delightfully new-found hobby which I am going to pursue diligently from now on.

3) I get a high when I exercise, I really feel like smiling to myself after a hour of aerobics :)  Haven't been at it for nearly two years now, must join a class soon!

4) That I used to enjoy a super-high metabolic rate when in school and college, no longer (sniff sniffff). I remember having the highest mess bill in hostel but still remaining thin and agile!

5) I love to paint. Planning to try painting furniture, I've got enough inspiration from blogosphere already!

6) My ideal workspace will contain a moodboard, crafts done by me or near n dear, a favourite poem framed in a photo frame, family photos, plants in teacups.

7) My ideal ideal job is one that'll combine travel, photography, creativity, craft, philanthrophy! Although what I currently do for a living is look-for-business intelligence-for-a-tech and blah conglomerate-to-strategically-market-their-products. How far apart are the two! One day I'll get there. Like I read yesterday (in the Economic Times blog by Sumeet Vaid), "our true happiness lies in the goals and dreams we want to achieve in the long term. And while we are on a path to do so, we cannot ignore basic living".

Thank you Dhaami once again!
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