Mar 24, 2011

Flower Arrangements

Here's one more post that is back-home-inspired!
My mom has deco-ed up several corners of home with interesting floral arrangements. I find it very interesting how she mixes different types of vases and pots, flowers and leaves to brighten up each space.

Here's one in a mud pot ...

This one's a mix of artificial and natural ...

And here's another bunch spicing up a cane basket

I've linked this to Paisley Passions, the Trendy Treehouse and to Savvy Southern Style!


  1. all of them are so pretty! my fav is the first one with the mud pot :):)

  2. The mud pot looks gorgeous!Loved the pics!

  3. Beautiful images and thanks so much for joining the party and for following. I just did the same.

  4. Nice and colorful blog, lady! Finally got a chance to read through it..

  5. Lovely vases..and beautiful flower arrangements... !!
    Where did ur mom get those vases from ?!

  6. Thank you for the comments!!
    @Emreen, mom picks them up from several places .. art exhibitions, wayside potters, wayside cane weavers, etc :)


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