Mar 31, 2011

Bracing up for Summer

Ready for a watermelon mint cooler?

How are you all getting ready for summer?
Cotton clothes, brighter decor, fresh fruit juice, plucking flowers from the garden instead of going to the local flower shop, bringing out the shorts n sleeveless tshirt you tucked away in winter, thicker curtains to get that five-minutes more sleep in the mornings? :) 
What are your plans for this summer? I for one am heading to cooler, high-altitude, beeeyootiful SIKKIM next week!!

Have a great rest of the week folks!


  1. let me just tell you... I am really J here.

    My summer plan... sit in my room, put on the a/c (think I am in the Alps)and read all the books on my list.

  2. wearing lesser clothes and staying indoors. wishing i was in switzerland!

  3. Nice Shot, I'm sure going to eat lots of watermelons.

  4. i'm a summer person.. and damn, awaiting Watermelons like crazy <3

    Following you now
    Defiant Princess

  5. Glad to have found you through Vineeta's blog, will be back to visit often:) It is Spring here and the flowers are back in bloom. Hope to see photos of Sikkim when you get back:)

  6. Lesser clothes yes! watermelons yess! Summers in Bangalore are in fact very bearable!

  7. Creative! Now, I am following you too ;)

  8. Enjoy the trip... !!! Waiting to see more and more Sikkim pics at your blog...!!

  9. Thanks Emreen! :)

  10. Oh WOW - Sikkim - That is one part of India I have never travelled to. With so many blog posts I am really tempted now. Looking forward to some wonderful posts :-)


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