Feb 28, 2011

DIY Ideas - Painted organizer

Always, always had it in my mind that I should take out a shoebox, paint it, and use it as an organizer. And this weekend I got down to actually doing it!

I propped myself on the sofa, and had a battalion of colors, paintbrushes, magazines, pencil, eraser and my imagination strewed all around.
I didnt bother too much with perfecting lines and shapes, but just wanted it to be colourful!

When work was in progress ...

 Done! And, this is where it sits now ... A dash of colour in my drawer :)

Tell me which side(s) of the box you'd vote for.

I've shared this at Patricia's Colors Dekor Weekend Wrap-up and at Today's Creative Blog!


  1. ambika,
    this is so cute...i want to try something like this too!!!my fav side is the red-black foot steps!!

  2. even i liked the red black side,..

  3. Very nice! I love your crafts. My mum is so much better than I am when it comes to making things :D


  4. Thank you all :) My fave's the feet side too.

    This one was more of a color-splashing fun exercise to me, hehe. A better shoebox DIY is definitely on the way!

  5. oh wow!! this is very pretty!! well done!!

  6. Ambika- So good to see you are getting your creativity fix. Your box is lovely-I would have had paint everywhere! I guess that is why I usually stick to photography. The side with the bird is my favorite.

    I am struggling through the writing course (just a bit) with Fiona over on WOWH. For me photography is so much easier than writing! Hope you are doing well.

  7. These are gorgeous. So glad I found your blog. I am your newest follower. Hop to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  8. Beautiful Craft........Footprint side is better


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