Jan 20, 2011

Song inside a fishbowl

I find my way up, only to find
Tidbits of the same ole kind.
I jostle for space with two other fellow beings.
I go round and round, my only hopes - light and crumblings.
I look out to see humans walk by,
And occasionally poke a finger at me,
All for my colour, patterns on my skin,
I am separated from all, my kith and kin.


  1. well, compared to the ocean, that bowl would be so less for the fish :)

    nice poem...!


  2. Nice and interesting

  3. Oh dear, I was going to comment on how pretty the picture was , but the poor fishy! I hope he/she is well......

    Loving your blog. I'm now a follower! :)

  4. LOVELY! I really felt sad...poor poor l'tl fish:(

  5. who's to say what the fish feels. it has become very politically correct to feel miserable for fish in a bowl. At least they have been spared the polluted natural waters and get regular meals.

    btw..i stumbled onto your blog today, and love it. keep up the good work :). is the plant inside the bowl real?


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