Jan 19, 2011


A one hour journey
Back home from work, everyday ...
Makes you wiser, if nothing else,
Doesn't it?
Profound thoughts run by,
Makes you smile at times,
As if to pause, briefly,
This frightening-fast-paced life.


  1. I like this reflection - to have such a long commute would seem a hardship, but you have turned it into something else entirely. PS I read through several of your stones - hope your little one's tears have dried and he is enjoying school.

  2. Thank you. Yes, now one good thing about an everyday commute is that it inspires verses!
    The little kid who wailed wasn't mine :) it is a common monday sight that I see in front of school gates. Thanks for your comments Barb!

  3. Good reflection...sometimes it is such times when we enlighten ourselves with profound thoughts:)


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